The Liquid Bungy team began its professional activity in the field of extreme sports with emphasis on bungy jumping back in 1993, organizing events in different locations throughout Greece.

In the same year, having as its focus point of activity the bridge of Chalkida Liquid Bungy in cooperation with a big private television channel organized and presented bungy jumping to the wider public gaining new fans of extreme sports.

In 2004, the popular bungy site of Chalkida was abandoned in favor of the bridge of Aradaina in Chania (Crete, Greece) 138 meters high, one of the most impressive sites of bungy jumping worldwide and a very popular destination in Europe. Click here for our Bungy Sites.

Liquid Bungy is the company that made known bungy jumping in Greece, setting the standards in the field from early on. National, international records and events contributed to the recognition of the team establishing it in the mind of the public as a synonym of exciting, safe bungy jumping.

The key of success has been the early adoption of strict international rules and regulations which assure that the exciting experience of bungy jumping is simultaneously a safe one. Thousands of Liquid Bungy participants and a flawless record of accidents or injuries consists the best proof of the aforementioned.

Liquid Bungy is the sole company based on Greek soil that has been repeatedly presented in the international mass media, e.g. CNN 9/1999, BBC, MTV, TMF, SAT.1, REUTERS, while in Greece it has been the topic of hundreds presentations, interviews, documentaries and video clips.

The personnel of Liquid Bungy has received instruction and certification in Greece and abroad, covering various aspects of the extreme sports. The Bungy Jumping Code of Practice is applied in the whole spectrum of activities and related with them matters (e.g. standards of the materials) as it has been defined and adopted by international bodies.

Liquid Bungy rationale regarding the safety of bungy jumping as well as its thrilling experience is best expressed in the words of its founder and operation manager Angelos Evlambiou:

Man, since the time of Icarus was dreaming to fly. Centuries passed, still carrying the same wish. Nowadays, there is a number of different ways to get it. Bungy jumping is one of the closest ways for experiencing this feeling of flying & falling being safe at the same time. This is the field where LIQUID BUNGY specializes; having the technical skills and experience to guide you with safety to feel the fall, face your fears, realizing how far you can get.

Angelos Evlambiou